Not only does it have NFC, an 8-mega pixel camera with great photo and video quality, a large 720p HD Super AMOLED screen, IPS panel and a beautiful shape, but also the aforementioned TouchWiz.

The custom UI is has its own bunch of pre-loaded applications from S-Voice to face recognition to Smart Stay.

S-Voice is Samsung’s reply to Apple’s Siri and though it has its limitations in understanding voice commands, the gesture is welcoming to most of Android users. From efficiency’s point of view the new application looks a beta version when compared to Siri. However, regular updates to its databases will certain make it a worthy contender in race to the best voice recognition software.

Smart Stay keeps the phone alive and awake while in use. The screen does not dim in brightness until the user’s face moves away from front-facing camera. The secondary camera also works for the face recognition application to unlock the phone with a ‘smile’.

Galaxy SIII is also expected to receive the Jelly Bean upgrade in the near future, however, both Google and Samsung are at fewer words on specific time frame.

All these Android updates and upgrades do not bode well for Apple and its iOS. The newest versions of the mobile operating system and its chief incorporator, iPhone, are expected to hit the shelves in September or October, 2012; iOS has already been officially launched at the WWDC 2012 last month.

However, in the presence of top-end Android phones and the new version Jelly Bean, Apple is going to have a run for its money on iPhone. Though efficiency- and application-wise iOS is still the market leader, Android is sparing no mercy on its chief competitor in the race for the best operating system. Apple will have to come up with a new out-of-the-box smartphone that once again will change the market trends.