Brazil’s Pedro Barros walked away with top honours from the X Games Skateboard Park event that went down at the Event Deck at L.A. on Saturday, June 30.

Finishing behind Barros in second place was America’s Ben Hatchell, who consequently took home the silver medal for his efforts. Denmark’s Rune Glifberg rounded out the podium to claim bronze.

With some of the best skaters from around the world competing for a place on the podium in Skateboard Park Final on Saturday, a heavy dose of thrilling action and nail-biting contest was promised to the fans.

The battle between the exciting action sports athletes lived up to the expectations, going down to the wire before eventually determining a winner.

While majority of the finalists put on an impressive performance, it was the battle between Barros and Hatchell that stole the show.

Both the skaters pushed each other to the limits, showing no intention of settling for anything less than the win.

Qualifying for the finals in first place, Hatchell put on a couple of superb runs on Saturday to move into a dominating position. He earned a 43.00 and 40.00 off his best-two runs, consequently finishing with a total score of 83.00.

Barros, however, was breathing right down his neck. He had earned a 42.00 off one of his run and still had one run left to try and overtake his rival on the score-board. Looking to make the most of the opportunity, the 17-year-old Brazilian skater landed a phenomenal run under the circumstances and successfully added a 42.00 to his account. The resultant total of 84.00 served to seal the deal in his favour, earning him his second X Games Skateboard Park gold medal.

“It was just an amazing finals and to get the score on the last run, I was psyched,” Barros said after the win. “It was crazy because Ben got a crazy-good score right in the start of it and he was killing it. … I was just trying to work something out to use the whole park, try different lines, and make it look like I was riding a bowl. I made it work in the end.”

Glifberg collected a 40.00 and 38.00 off his best-two runs to finish in third place and thus claim the bronze medal.

America’s Kevin Kowalski just missed out on the podium after finishing with a total score of 71.00, which comprised of a 36.00 and 35.00-point run. His compatriots Ben Raybourn and Andy Macdonald rounded out the bottom-two positions after finishing with a total score of 69.00 and 62.00 respectively.