Peshawar: (Wednesday, July 18, 2012) In result of a bomb blast, targeting a van in Pakistan’s northwestern tribal belt today, thirteen people including two children lost their lives, said sources.

Telling details of the incident, a senior administration official Zakir Hussain said that the  bomb  exploded in Sepoy village in Orakzai district.

He said, “It was remote-controlled bomb planted on the road. The bomb exploded near a pick-up van carrying passengers.

In result of the blast, seven people died on spot while six other succumbed to death after reaching to hospital.

The victims also included two women, an 11-year old boy and a three-year-old girl, while four others were wounded in result of the tragic incident.

Most the bomb victims were passengers of the unfortunate van, who were shifted to Kohat Hospital after the incident many of which are still in critical condition.

Intelligence officials have also confirmed the news about blast and the number of causalities.

After the incident, security forces along with the local Aman Lashkar (peace militia) have started a search operation during which exchange of gun fire has been reported.