The Asian Football Confederation has rebuffed Mohammad Bin Hammam’s pleas and have served him a lifelong ban from the game.

As Sepp Blatter’s opponent for the presidential elections, the Qatari official was rumoured to have bribed members to vote for him instead of the reigning Swiss.

However AFC detected these reports and after having the Federation’s accounts audited, are giving Bin Hammam a ban from football for the rest of his life.

“The negotiation and execution of certain contracts and with the financial transactions made in and out of AFC bank accounts and his personal account during the tenure of Mr Bin Hammam’s presidency.”

“Bin Hammam is suspended from taking part in any kind of football activity in the area of jurisdiction of the AFC until the AFC Disciplinary Committee reaches a decision on the merits in the present matter.”

Former AFC boss Peter Velappan, who is a known rival of the Qatari, has backed the Federation’s decision and claimed that the acting President Zhang, could be given the chance on a more permanent basis.

"It clears the way for Zhang to press ahead as possible candidate for AFC presidency," he said.