Korn front-man, Jonathan Davis, has revealed that the band is getting ready to commence writing material for new record, and has also spoke about his electronic solo project, J Devil.

In a recent interview, the band’s lead vocalist revealed:

“We’re getting ready to start writing a new record. Our motto is to keep ever-evolving. I’m sure there’ll still be some electronic influence in there, but I don’t think it’ll be like the last one and go to all those different guys again. We’ll switch it up and try to do something new, ’cause that’s how we work”.

The 41-year-old musician went on to talk about his history of creating electronic music that he started it just for fun.

“I started doing (electronic music) for fun. I didn’t know what was gonna happen with it. Making electronic music and learning to produce and learning my new instrument — laptop, I call it — has been an amazing thing. I’m learning and I’m having fun playing my own tunes. I’ve really had to retrain myself. It’s totally different than writing rock songs”, Davis stated.

He also revealed that his life revolves around only on music.

“After every Korn show I come offstage, take a shower and I start writing … [the Killbot EP] is ridiculous. It’s the craziest aural experience you’ll have in your life. Two of the songs I’m singing on, the other two are straight-up electronic with me growling and doing other stuff beneath it. It’s all over the place”, Davis concluded.