Many believe Burma issue is based only on rumours and speculations, but there is certainly something wrong behind the wall. The Myanmar Muslims have always been a target and one should not doubt their misery.

According to the recent news, the Muslims will not be allowed to perform their religious obligations in Ramadan. Almost three hundred mosques have been closed and the poor Muslims will not be able to recite their holy book even in homes.

The armed forces and terrorists are marching down the streets, aiming to trouble every single Muslim. There are millions of Muslims in Burma, and not letting them live freely is completely against the international laws.

The whole international community is silent, just watching Myanmar Muslims’ despair which is increasing with every passing moment. Even if the reports of violence have been exaggerated, nobody can say that all is well in Burma.

The followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) have always been victimised by the anti-Muslim groups. Amnesty International also admitted that the Muslim Rohingyas are increasingly being hit with targeted attacks, including killings, rape and physical abuse.

Benjamin Zawacki, a Bangkok-based researcher for Amnesty, told The Associated Press. "Some of this is by the security forces’ own hands, some by Rakhine Buddhists with the security forces turning a blind eye in some cases."

On the other hand, the local officials are doing only one thing, denying all what is currently going on. A government spokesman for coastal Rakhine state said: “Amnesty’s claims are "totally opposite of what is happening on the ground."

According to United Nations (UN), nearly 800,000 Rohingyas live in Myanmar. On every single day, thousands of them attempt to get rid of an abused life, which includes forced labour, violence against women and restrictions on movement, marriage and reproduction.

However, the neighbouring countries are not ready to accept them. The situation is getting worse day by day, and most of us are still debating whether it’s true or not.

The time has come for the entire world to step up and fish the Muslims out of the hot waters. If we fail to do anything good for the victims in Burma, the history will never forgive us.


  1. It as not bad as rumor circulated. Some NGO’s local contacts sent out fail information to the exile Rohnigya organizations and NGOs. Then, they draw conclusion based on the past dictator iron hands rule, indiscriminate oppression over the adversaries.

    If this rumor is true, we are happy to have the names of the victims, their locations, and if one can, we want full accounts of the abused and abusers. Thus, we can complain the government and the president directly. We are citizens of Burma and have full access to the government. Period.

  2. We’ll take revenge INSHAALLAH… we’ll ruin the lives of communists and Jews… and we’ll start this charity from home, from Pakistan INSHAALLAH… …



  4. May Allah give them peace and prosperity. but all this shows that how muslim world are emotionless

  5. We’ll take revenge INSHAALLAH… we’ll ruin the lives of communists and Jews… and we’ll start this charity from home, from Pakistan INSHAALLAH… …

  6. fie on whole muslim community, they are still keeping their mouths shut! fie on us!
    only muslims are being targeted around the world and the muslim so called terrorist organizations are the only ones who are taking action? why should i not support taliban and al qaeda then? i am a proud muslim and i would love to join taliban and al qaeda now just for the sake of stopping the massacre in burma.

  7. why all human right Americans keep their mouth shut until Muslims are not killed in a very huge quantity ? what happen in Bosnia? same thing these human right American govt wait until one million Muslims were killed , same will happen in Burma and what happen in Indonesia / Christians raise their voice for independence from the govt , with in few months every thing was done with the help of uno and Americans did not wait for massive killing of Christians. so please my Muslim brothers and honest non Muslim brothers try to realize what actually is going on . how people like Taliban groups develop/ answer is because of this type of injustice .so my friends don’t wait for Americans or so called UNO to take any step , if only Muslim countries stand against Burma it will be enough to stop this blood shed. i would only pray to almighty Allah …. please give some common sense to the Muslim leaders.

  8. This is bull shit man (Nyi Nyi Lwin). Everyone knows that the Buddhists always use to abuse the Muslims in Burma. U cant deny the reality that the are the hatters & dont want the Muslims to live freely in Burma.
    But we all are praying to the Almighty Allah. InshaAllah the day will be arrived soon & the Burmese Muslims will get their freedom…

  9. My family is in Burma. I know Muslims are ill treated there. You are a monk or something. Do not make Pakistanis come there and show you who we are and what we can do. If we can keep USA at bay and dare them every single day. You are peanuts. Tell this to your president, to your people, to your nation. Dont make us come there and show you who we are.

  10. at Nyi Nyi Lwin,
    you have full access to your government, Really? since when? You must be Thein Sein otherwise you do not really know what you are talking about.
    The world is not blind thanks to social media and independent NGO’s ..We can see what is going on on the ground. Stop your nonsense comment and try to save people’s life here. Instead of denying the facts , let’s all help to free these desperate people, most of whom are weak women and children.