Lowe’s, the US-based home appliances retail store chain has teamed up with a UK-based monitoring company called AlertMe. The joint venture has produced a new home monitoring tool for customers that can keep checks on home appliances via the web.

The new software called the Iris is a cloud-based system that will be able to monitor appliances as heaters, coolers, refrigerators, alarms and stoves, and will be able to call, email and/or text the user on any irregularities. Moreover, the user will able to remotely change the settings or usage settings of any of these and many other appliances as per the requirements.

Iris will be a set of a hub, some plugs and peripherals and an app that will be compatible to a range of smartphones, PC/Macs and tablets. The users will receive texts, phone calls and/or emails as set for notifications.

The system is in its nascent stage but both Lowe’s and AlertMe are content that the new system will attract more home appliance-makers to join it. Mary Turner, CEO of AlertMe, said that system is set on very affordable prices. It will certainly automate the houses in the ease-of-life.

“The AlertMe platform is unique because it’s based on a multiprotocol home wireless hub, making it compatible with the widest number of third-party devices, and we anticipate that the number of connectable devices and appliances from brand leaders will only continue to grow,” she said in a statement to a renowned technology news portal. “The Iris system is modular, easy to self-install, customize, and grow as new devices are enabled. It’s also priced to make it highly accessible. Lowe’s is an ideal partner because it has the ability to bring many more connected devices to its customers.”