Islamabad: (Tuesday, July 24, 2012) Arsalan Iftikhar said here today that he is still waiting for the notice from investigation team of National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

While talking to the journalists, he said that after airing a planted interview, it seemed that his opponents were now getting ready for a planted inquiry.

He also lamented that though the NAB had issued a press release, it had failed to provide him with the notice and he had been waiting for it for past four days.

Arsalan also said that he has sent two notices to Chairman NAB, but had not received any reply from him as yet. He was of the view that not replying to his notice was depiction of the fact that the Chairman NAB was being biased.


  1. With this statement of Arsalan, its very obvious that he took bribes and allegations against him were true. How come a accuse sent notice to Investigation authority? Is he above the law or a sacred cow?

    This clearly shows the integrity of even Iftikhar chaudhry? How dare he say that he issued the notice to NAB? He definately has some wrong notions in his head, being a son of Cheif Justice.