Expressing concern over the reputation of the country, the Federal Cabinet on Wednesday decided to sue British daily, ‘The Sun’ for publishing a story about making fake passports and issuing fake visas.

The cabinet, which met under the chair of Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, termed the Olympics passport scam report false propaganda.

Chairman NARDA (National Database and Regulatory Authority) Tariq Malik and Director General Passports have given briefings to the cabinet about the in-house inquiries, rejecting the reports completely.

The two officials informed the cabinet that report of the newspaper was baseless as no fake passport was issued by the Pakistani staff. They, however, were of the opinion that data might be tempered to some extent.

After the briefing, the federal cabinet decided to take legal action against the British Daily for running a bogus story.

The Chairman NADRA was of the opinion that the national ID card was used in the scandal for tempering information. Upon which, the cabinet directed both the officers to adopt strict monitoring mechanism to avoid such things in the future.

Earlier, ‘The Sun’ had reported to have broken into a crime gang which was issuing fake Pakistani passports and visas, giving potential militants a chance to sneak into Britain along with Pakistani Olympic delegation.

The tabloid accused Lahore-based politician Abid Chaudhry for bypassing stringent security checks to smuggle people to London under the garb of Pakistani officials in exchange for a payment of Rs1 million.

A script submitted by the interior ministry mentions an instance in which a computerized NIC and passport were issued from Nadra and the passport office, Lahore, to a person with fake particulars of Muhammad Ali.

Following the report, the authorities concerned started conducting investigations into the matter, including seeking the full profile of Abid Chaudhry whereas the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and other agencies were conducting their own inquiries.

In the latest move, the agency arrested almost two dozen suspects in relation to the scams believed to be carried out by Chaudhry and other officials.

The FIA also reportedly apprehended Madam Babri, a human smuggler for scamming people out of millions with fake Olympics visas.