Islamabad: (Thursday, July 26, 2012) Dr Arsalan Iftikhar appeared by the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) joint investigation team (JIT) today and submitted his written response.

The statement read out that the formation of a joint investigation team is not only beyond mandate, but also illegal. He alleged the team that its members are biased and in favour of Malik Riaz. He also said that denial of fair
trial to him is a violation of the Article 10-A of the constitution.

Though his written reply, Arsalan also denied allegations leveled against him and said that first evidence should be collected from Malik Riaz and that he should also be apprised of it.

Talking to the media men at the NAB head office, Arsalan said that he had received only one notice, and not two as it was being told by the investigators.

He also said that he had sent the NAB two letters regarding the formation of joint investigation team, but didn’t receive any response to it.