The Pakistan Football Federation will place heavy punishments on those who try to cheat and play in an under-age competition according to Secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi.

Muslim FC’s Esmatullah and Chaman FC’s Hameed Khan recently raised great hue and cry after it was learned that the two faked their ages to play in the U-22 Championships.

The PFF is having none of it and are now claiming that strict measures will be introduced to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

“We are sick of this; people don’t even consider it cheating. As the federation, it’s our job to look out for this. We have to set up a system. Each player is listed from junior level and the ones that aren’t will have to submit documents. Another solution
is to make a disciplinary committee that can deal with these matters. This trend has gone on for too long and it’s just plain fraud. After the Chaman incident, we’re going to keep a close watch at this.”

“We believe in punishing these people so that others are discouraged. I know the age-limit rule is violated in every other sport but the PFF is now adopting a strict policy against it. We will not tolerate this. These two players and punishing their manager
is the first step and it will have a positive impact on domestic football,” he said.