India’s most senior batsman Sachin Tendulkar is not reluctant to admit that Men in Blue certainly need to produce better results when they play Australia and England away from home.

The maestro explained that the side is pretty confident of doing well at home against the world’s top teams, but will surely try to prepare well for the overseas series.

"We need to look at one factor. When we played against Australia, they were the home team. England also played at home. There is no point in saying that India only plays well at home. Why do we always look at one side of the coin, it should be always fair,"
Tendulkar told Headlines Today.

The Master Blaster added: "I feel that it does not come as an excuse for us to go somewhere and not play well. We need to go abroad and win. It’s as simple as that. We have done it before (winning abroad). Both England and Australia tours were tough for
us. We should make every possible effort to perfect our preparation and produce better results."

The great man admitted the fact that India were terrible last summer, when losing eight consecutive Test matches against England and Australia. He described that India have a good record abroad, but things did go according to the plan last season.

"Ideally, we want to win each and every match and that is how we want to prepare ourselves. But sometimes, it’s humanly impossible. There are some ups and downs. The best of the teams have rather faced or seen the other side of the coin," he stated.

Tendulkar skipped the ongoing tour to Sri Lanka in order to spend some time with his family. When asked about playing cricket alongside his son, Arjun, he shared that he has never thought of it, although he often visit Bandra to see his son practise.

"I used to visit Bandra for his practice sessions. I just stand at non-striker stand. Just to see how he calls for single and twos. Beyond that, I have not thought of playing with him. It may happen at some exhibition match or club-level game. Arjun likes
to watch cricket. I have not forced him to make cricket his career. He is passionate about the sport," he uttered.