The most used device at home these days is either a television or a computer. However, the utility of the personal computer cannot be compared to another device, for instance, a television or a smartphone.

Computers, thanks to too many players in the market, range from a variety of platforms to a slew of forms. Gone are the days when only desktops were the most affordable and suitable devices in the reach of a normal user living around a budget. Now there are laptops, desktops, ultrabooks and all-in-ones.

Apple and Microsoft are the biggest competitor in terms of platforms, with their respective Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. These two OSes change the game for the OEMs in the market. Apple has a tight policy on licensing its OS, they don’t. Windows on the other hand is the bread and butter of many hardware manufacturers like Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, et cetera.

Then, comes the cost of these devices. Mostly manufactured in China, these computers have low prices now. Once slapped with tags of $1500 to $2000, now most of the computers are available for less than a thousand bucks. Even Apple products, once synonymous to gold carets are now quite affordable.

Computer, whether desktops or laptops, are now a basic necessity of a household, especially when it comes to studies, they are of pivotal importance. Thanks to lowered prices of these computers, students can now avail sleek and stylish laptops and all-in-one desktops for not more than $1500.


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    Muhammad Faisal