The following article will run a range of different computer devices that are available from $800 to $1500.

HP Folio

The new trend of ultrabooks is catching up and until you are hardcore computer architect or a professional video editor, you can churn the daily activities from ultrabooks.

The 13-inch ultrabook from HP is the king of the category since its arrival in the market for so many reasons. One of them is its price.

For about $800 you will get a Core i3 Sandy Bridge processor, 2 GB RAM and shared graphics card, which is good for casual gaming.

Folio might not be the slimmest in the market but it has the simplest design that almost everyone falls in love with at first glance. Sliver all over, with a simple keyboard and mouse track pad.

There is no optical drive and screen is not as sharp as you might think. But there are many things with this laptop that would lure you to purchase it. One of them is the price.

MacBook Air

The first ultrabook to come out in the market was MacBook Air. However, since its original release in 2007, the laptop has not changed in shape.

But its hardware has changed timely. Old CPUs are constantly being replaced by new processors. Same is the case with new MacBook Air Summer 2012 model.

The new Air has the new iteration of the Intel Core i-series Ivy Bridge processors, improved camera that can take up to 720p-resolution video. There is also 128 GB of solid state drive that might be low for a mid size computer but for a ultrabook is a standard.