All of these specs are topped off by a reasonable price. $1199 is not the lowest price tag in the market but for an Apple product, and Air for that matter, it is pretty convincing. Until Apple brings down the new 15-inch MacBook Pro’s price from $219, Air is the mainstream computer for Apple users.

HP Envy Sleekbook 6

Envy series from HP has always had the best laptops from the company but in Sleekbook 6’s case, HP has made a small compromise on the price, performance.

Due to fact that it does not have any Intel component inside, it cannot fall in the category, however, from every perspective it is nothing less than one.

The Sleekbook 6 follows every bit of the name, it is small, slim and extremely portable. Its simplistic design is a slab-like cradle that is not tapered toward the front. Moreover, its matte finish gives it an extremely elegant look.

However, the Sleekbook has been designed to keep the price and in this case it is $569. There might be other laptops in the market that have nearly inexpensive price tag but they might not have the same screen size. The Sleekbook has some corners cut but over it is good value for the money.

Instead of a solid state drive, the Sleekbook 6 has a hard drive that might not be as speedy as the SSD alternative but has much more storage capacity.