In addition to a Core i5 processor, a standard for ultrabooks, the 14z has a dedicated graphics card from AMD. Though it is a low-end GPU addition, it is still better than the HD4000 that comes with Intel’s own circuits.

The only budget feeling comes from its body work. The 14z undoubtedly has a great design but the body work is all plastic and gives a strong stench of cut corners.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos

17-inch laptops do not fall in the ultrabook category, no matter how slim they are. However, ultrabooks or no ultrabooks, mid-size notebooks are becoming slimmer and slimmer every day and Samsung Series 7 Chronos is one of the prominent examples in that regard.

The laptop is 0.98-inch slim and has all the normal technology of an average notebook, from a hard drive to optical drive. There is a strong reason why it wasn’t given the ultrabook tag. The screen size aside, the Series 7 is a hefty piece of electronic and carries all those components and parts that a normal ultrabook doesn’t.

With an optical drive nestled on one side and a hard drive dwelling under the hood, the Series 7 is a fast machine with a slim chassis but is not an ultrabook.

In terms of performance, the Series 7 is a fast device  that can easily replace a desktop for professional work . With a Core i7 quad-core Ivy Bridge processor and a discrete NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, it a professional machine but the asking price, $1639, is quite high for market.