Karl Dowland-Carol Wu clinch Mixed Doubles title at 2012 Wellington North Open

New Zealand’s talented players Karl Dowland and Carol Wu showed a solid performance on the final day and thrashed their opponents Andrey Degtyarev and Ashleigh Karl to grab Mixed Doubles title at the 2012 Wellington North Open, July 21, in New Zealand.

The second seeded Dowland and Wu, who were just incredible throughout the tournament, played aggressively and easily thrashed their top seeded rivals Andrey and Ashleigh in a staggering fashion.

The lower ranked Dowland and Wu were at their best when they played to their maximum potential and thrashed their team-mates in straight games with a stunning difference.

In the meanwhile, Andrey and Ashleigh failed to get a good start as they could not stop the impressive attacking shots of their lower ranked opponents throughout the battle and lost it with a comfortable margin.

The spirited Dowland and Wu played with precision from the opening points of first game and managed to establish a comfortable lead at the opening rallies.

The in-form Dowland and Wu continued their impressive strong show of attacking badminton while remaining focused in the game and they took a good lead until the break.

After the one-minute interval, the second seeds continued their smooth sailing on court without giving any chance to their experienced opponents to fight back in the game.

The impressive Dowland and Wu took the first game with a stunning 21-13 margin on the score board.

The following game was interesting as the top seeded Andrey and Ashleigh played positive badminton this time and they also refused their opponents to take a comfortable lead until the break.

After the mid-game interval, the lower ranked Dowland and Wu played safe and composed badminton while playing in the middle of the court.

They were impressive on net and also did well in their defensive shots which helped them to take the second game with a reasonable 21-18 score on the board.

The incredible Dowland and Wu emerged as the title winners as they ended up the final battle in style by beating their country-mates in straight games with a convincing score of 21-13 and 21-18.