The Federation missed out on the chance to play games this August, but will try to repair the damage by securing fixtures the next month.

According to PFF Secretary Ahmed Yar Khan Lodhi, due to their own slow approach, the Pakistan National Team will not be playing any matches next month.

“Although we will not be able to organize any match on FIFA day in August — we missed the opportunity — we are planning to invite any of the South Asian countries to Lahore for matches on FIFA days in September.”

“We have dropped emails to Afghanistan and the Maldives and are waiting for their response. Sri Lanka is also an option, but it depends on what their schedules are,” he said.

“Coach Zavisa has also suggested in his report after the Under-22 Asian Cup Qualifiers that Pakistan need more matches against tough teams. So our main aim is to organize matches against some tough sides as it is only by playing against strong sides that
our team will develop and will know exactly what they have to do to improve.”