A Pakistani engineer has claimed to build a water-kit to run vehicles on water, leaving the world astounded and shocked.

During a demonstration in a live TV show, Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmed drove his car using water as fuel. The engineer was of the opinion that vehicles could be driven by a system fuelled by distilled water instead of petroleum products.

A sub-committee of the cabinet while praising the Water Fuel Kit Project assured the engineer of full support in launching of his innovation.

Waqar Ahmed while explaining his project said the water fuelling system was a simple technology in which ‘hydrogen bonding’ with distilled water produces hydrogen gas to run a car engine.

He claimed that a vehicle will consume one-litre water for 40 kilometers while a one-KV generator could produce electricity for two hours by one-litre water.

Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, who heads the cabinet committee, said the Ministry of Science and Technology will fully support the Sukkur-based engineer. “The ministry and the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will study the feasibility of the project as soon as possible” he added.

Earlier, he was briefed by the engineer about the project and took the matter to the federal cabinet.

In a live TV show, broadcasted on a private TV channel, the minister along with the host and a member from opposition party drove the water-kit car.

The Minister said that they would provide complete security to Engineer Waqar Ahmed, adding that the formula will also be kept in secret.

He noted, “Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and Finance Minister Hafeez Shaikh highly valued the project. We own this project and are committed to successfully completing it”.

Earlier, Minister for Science and Technology Mir Changez Khan Jamali described the concept as a pioneering effort which could play a role in overcoming the energy crisis in the country. The new technology will be this year’s Independence Day gift to the nation, he added.

He added, “All required tests and experiments would be completed in two weeks and all stakeholders, including the PEC, National University of Science and Technology, entrepreneurs in the automobiles industry and researchers, are involved in discussions on the project”.



  1. It is my request to richest,businessmen,industrialists and landlords of pakistan to support this engineer if govt fails to support him……1
    We can lead the world by this innovation.

  2. My Message is for higher authorities of Pakistan Government to support such Engineers i.e Engineer Ghulam Sarwar, Engineer Waqar Ahmed, to solve the issue of Power generation because these persons are assets sent by Allah to Pakistan to solve the power issue of this Islamic Country, For God Please give support to these Engineers to solve the main issues, i.e Petroleum Prices, which rises day by day, Electricity load shedding, and many more, therefore please build pakistan a country to run with other peer countries, in this competitive era.

    Afridi of Kandow.

  3. It is not possible, really it will be proved as fraud. I m Engineer & its high violation of Thermodynamics & principle of physics. I am 200% sure it is high level & media projection fraud. & If is really OK then all previous theories would failed which is I m sure not possible. Think before you sure!

  4. This guy is taking the nation for a ride. You have to break water in Hydrogen and Oxygen before you can use it as fuel. I am shocked there is no one intelligent enough in the media or cabinet to see how this cannot work.

  5. him sab pakistani eng waqir ahmad par faher karta ha our ham sab oumad kartai ha ka ap pakistan kalai our buhat kuch karingi inshullah

  6. ye hamari dhrti ki khushnaseebi hy k ALLAH pak ne hmain istrha k loins sy nawaza hy m bazat e khud Waqar bhai or Ghulam sarwar bhai ko khiraj e tehseen pesh krta hun MASHALLAH ALLAH pak ap ka hami o nasir ho or tmaam pakistani bhaion,,behnon or maon ki duaen ap k sath hain.
    hamari hakoomat sy mujhy koi umeed nai k aapki help kry but umeed krta hun k ap hamari hkoomat k kutoon ki help na krny k bawajood 1 aala maqam hasil krain gy INSHALLAH.
    or opr k msgz m jo bhai jelus ho rhy hain unhain shrm ani chahiay is jalusi pe k khud to kuch kr nai sakty dosron pe tanqeed na krain agr un bhaion ki hosla afzai nai kr skty to plz khamosh rhain agr ye b nai kr skty to bazar sy 2 rupy ki lolly pop ly k mon m dal dain or apna mon band rakhain pleeeeeeeeeeez.
    Waqar bhai or Ghulam sarwar bhai 1 bar phir sloot hy MASHALLAH… ALLAH ap ka madagar ho AMEEN.

  7. It seems that pakistan reached at that hight of corrupt that peoples don’t even care about lying in front of media. Science is not like democracy and dont depend on people votes, it follows laws of nature. This BTech guy humiliated Ata-Ur-Rehman, not even he but we all should be ashamed of that. If you know atleast FSC pre-eng / A-Level you should know that its a total fraud, He has something in mind to cash his bogus idea (It seems that politicians will get there share too) and run away.

  8. it is very good invention by pakistani engineer.
    i hate the comments of engineer shahid anwer about this invention.i wana ask engineer shahid
    that he invent some thing in his life with the help of thermodynamics or principal of physics.
    i sure he did nothing except criticism.God bless engineer agha waqar.


  10. if you know how a conventional piston engine works, one this guy used in this demonstration (cultus engine), you would disapprove this thing beforehand because u have to build a different engine that is compatible with hydrogen fuel.
    PS: hydrogen fuel is currently used for space vehicle launch.

  11. I would like to request the businessmen of Pakistan to support this person if government fails to support him. The idea which came in his mind is much worthy…We proud of such lions of Pakistan and INSHALLAH he will prove it..

  12. please note we are all commenting but if you know the history 50 years ago saudi arabia and uae and america also were poorest countries and Allah gave them money with the resource of petrol but they run after the money and never turned back so now Allah is damaging them by giving us such wonderful invention to rock the world as america and petrol projection countries ruled we should think of it that Allah will give us such invention and we will definetly rule the world as they ruled us but donot forget Allah once we got the invention done.Please donot think the joke it’s really ok if you ask me about 6 month if all goes well

  13. Dear brothers, I thnk our govt. will never let him to work on his project nor they will support him. I suggest, we must give donations to WAQAR Bhai so he might continue working easily on the project. Prepare kits by himself and sell to whole of the world.

    I do not have any expectations of such a currept govt.

  14. I Pray to All Mighty that this come really true for Agha War and whole Pakistanis to take benifit of this valuable Product and lessen the burdons of nation that not to import Petrol from outside and save huge amount of Foreign Exchange which strengthen our lovly country and nation.

  15. I am very proud to (Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad) Guys this is future technology it is first step to begin. 3rd world war is cause of water_ Multinational companies supports our goverment and goverment will not support this project..so it is our own effort to support (Engineer Agha Waqar Ahmad) and achive next gole_


  16. This is ridiculous! The efficiency of such an engine will be in negative figures because according to Faraday’s Law of Electrolysis, the amount of energy required to break covalent bonds of water molecules will be a lot more than the energy harvested from Hydrogen gas liberated. Which means you will wasting a lot more electric current to produce very little Hydrogen gas.

  17. My dear pakistani Brothers ” It is like a golden dream” not a reality. I am a rocket engine designer.In my opinion it is not possible to create such water kit. It violates thermodynamic law,while your all engines of automobiles and aerospace are working according to thermodynamic laws,so please be relealistic this will expose after analysis of technical experts.May Allah help us to overcome our energy crises.

  18. Quran 3: [26-27]

    Say: “O Allah! Master of all the Kingship, You give the kingdom to whom You please and take away the kingdom from whomsoever You please; You give honor to whom You please and disgrace whom You please; all the good is in Your hand; surely You have power over everything.[26] You cause the night to pass into the day and You cause the day to pass into the night; You draw the living from the dead and You draw the dead from the living; and You provide sustenance for anyone You wish without measure.”[27]

  19. Many Theoretical Scientists and Ph.D are Jahil Ignorant who attach this invention with the “Law of Conservation of Energy” These Ph.D’s are like a donkey loaded with Books[Quran 62:5}. That biggest invention of millennium has no relation with law of conservation of energy. In Patrol car Fuel pump is run by Battery and in water Car instead of fuel pump, tiny current of continuously recharging battery will be used to crack water into OH and H gases with CONTROLLED VERY UNIQUE METHOD OF ELECTROLYSIS, In this invention neither Energy is being CREATED nor DESTROYED; therefore It in no way violates the Law of conservation of Energy. It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy. So simply, nothing is changed except that black Petrol has been replaced by White-Petrol[Water}. Black Petrol carry Hydrogen also and White-Petrol Water carry Hydrogen gas also. So any Ph.D or a so called scientists who says, that this inventions violates Law of conservation of Energy is THE BIGGEST HIMAAR[Donkey} on this planet

  20. It is actually nonsense and lack of theoretical and mathematical knowledge about the subject. This is just like perpectual motion machine which is not possible.
    This binding energy of water molecule is very high and you need more energy to break that molecule than the obtain energy. However running cars with hydrogen is very successful in develop world. We need to think about the ideas for example:
    1. Use natural lightning (clouds) to generate hydrogen gas.
    2. Research on catalysts that weaken the water molecule bonding.
    3. Use nuclear thermal energy to generate hydrogen gas in nuclear power plants.
    and many more ……

  21. A Bold truth is, that many Theoretical Scientists and Ph.D’s are Jahil Ignorant who attach this invention with the “Law of Conservation of Energy” These Ph.D’s are like that donkey of Noble Quran that is loaded with Books[Quran 62:5}. Agha’s Water-Kit is the greatest invention of mankind history & that invention has no any relation with the law of conservation of energy & Law of thermodynamics.
    Law of Conservation says that energy neither be produced not destroyed but energy can be transformed from one form to other. In Agha’s Kit invention, neither Energy is being CREATED nor DESTROYED; therefore it in no way violates the Law of conservation of Energy or thermodynamics. It is just transforming chemical energy of water into heat energy and then after burning in engine to Mechanical energy. So simply, nothing is changed except that black Petrol has been replaced by White-Petrol[Water}. Black Petrol carries Hydrogen also and White-Petrol Water carries Hydrogen gas also. So any Ph.D or a so called scientists who says, that this inventions violates Law of conservation of Energy for sure he is telling lies to people. The main objection by some these Theoretical useless Ph.Ds is that car battery is unable to sustain the electrical supply to electrolysis unit of that invented KIT because as per these theorists, Energy produced by electrolysis will be less than the energy being consumed by battery and car will not run. But we all have seen that Car is running. That is itself Proof that what Theorists has assumed is incorrect otherwise car MUST NOT RUN but it runs in practice. This is the most important part of this invention. Now this objection of theoretical Ph.Ds seems correct if old conventional technique of electrolysis is used that need too much electric power to proceed. But Agha’s team has invented a new technique of Electrolysis which is core part of this invention. In Agha’s technique, he has used distilled water to make it dialectic between about 20 metallic plates & he put that unit in series RLC circuit that he managed/calculated to operate at resonance level that periodically produce millions of volts, changes plates with distilled water’s dielectric into a very powerful capacitance. In that scenario, Water becomes unable to hold bond between H and OH ions and huge quantity of H & OH gases start to produce. Following video can show u how it works. http://is.gd/vEJETl Because reaction is in resonance so it is now almost self-sustaining. To convert it from “almost self-sustaining” to “100% sustaining” a very little current from car battery is supplied to that gas-producing unit; that current in milliamps is so small that even less than the current that Car Radio uses. Also note that Car battery is always charged by inbuilt electric DC Generator of car in every car when car is running. Therefore in practice this invention will have no any effect on the capacity and life of car battery. It is like mechanical benefit. For example, can one person lift his car with his one hand above ground? Answer is NO. But one person when places Jack between his hand and car, he can now lift car easily. Resonance in RLC circuit is in lieu of that mechanical Jack that lifts car easily.
    Thu this invention does not violates any law of physics but we should also tell truth that Science is not dogma or scripture like Noble Quran that will not change. Science has been falsified many times by its its own new laws over time. Popular Dalton theory about Atom 70 years ago has been fully rejected and falsified by modern Atomic Physics of Today. Also we should know another truth that thu it is good to achieve an Ph.D but a Ph.D is never a license for new inventions. In fact if we study past history, majority of great inventors like Edison were just simple hardworking technicians. This is matter of fact that In Pakistan B.Sc Engineers and Ph.D’s think that how a graduate of Technology can invent? This kind of their thought is based on total nonsense and jealousy. I suggest reader to read following file in which Each step of Agha’s invention is given in detail. This file is an excellent source of info for who has good understanding in engineering physics. To Sum up: That Water-kit of Agha team is indeed the greatest invention of mankind history. It will change whole globe and soon no one will be buying petrol. [Author of this article is in the field of practical Engineering physics from past 45 years].

  22. Agha Waqar’s HHO kit explained

    All who make comments on Honorable Agha Sahib they must know how his kit works.

    Here I am elaborating the construction of his kit. Where, I will try to address the questions of many.

    1. Why Agha uses distilled water? Is he adding some hidden substance? How electrolysis is possible without a catalyst?
    2. What is the battery usage during Special Type of electrolysis?
    3. How milliamps of current are able to break water molecule?
    4. Is it possible from electrolysis to produce a large quantity of hydrogen that it can work without storage?
    5. Is it possible from electrolysis to produce a large quantity of hydrogen that it can work without mixing other fuels?

    First of all you have to understand resonance.

    RESONANCE: In some mechanical and electronic mechanisms when Energy is applied with some Rhythm (frequency) Output of the energy becomes much higher than energy applied constantly. The frequency required in a system to occur resonance is called resonant frequency of the system.


    1. Pushing a person in a swing is a common example of resonance. The loaded swing, a pendulum, has a natural frequency of oscillation, its resonant frequency, and resists being pushed at a faster or slower rate. (Wikipedia)

    2. On bridges army soldiers are asked to not to walk in rhythm because little force produced due to their walk could lead to the breakage of bridge which required tons of force. There are several event done like Tacoma Narrows Bridge etc. in which accidents happened due to resonance.

    There are several types of resonance:

    1. MECHANICAL RESONANCE: I had examples above.
    2. OPTICAL RESONANCE: Even laser are an example of optical resonance. Please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_cavity
    3. NUCLEAR RESONANCE: Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_magnetic_resonance
    4. PARTICLE RESONANCE: Please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resonance_(particle)
    5. ORBITAL RESONANCE: Please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_resonance
    6. CHEMICAL RESONANCE: Please read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resonance_(chemistry)
    7. ELECTRICAL RESONANCE: LC circuit is one example of Electrical resonance. Please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_resonance

    Here in AGHA SAHIB’S METHOD Electrical resonance is used; in which an LC circuit is produce. (to know about LC circuit please read. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LC_circuit).

    LC circuits are also of two types one is parallel and one is series. Agha Sahib uses Series LC circuit.

    AGHA SAHIB uses a physical coil and a Capacitor is composed of a special mechanism.

    CAPACITOR in AGHA SAHIB’s TECHNIQUE: AGHA SAHIB dips many (at least 20) plates of metal in Distilled Water. Half of the plates alternatively are attached with one end of circuits and half with other. Water will work as Dielectric and (20) Plates will work as (10) capacitors.

    LC Circuit. This (20) metal plates dipped in distilled water based capacitor (for simplicity we will call it MPDWC) is attached with a physical coil.

    RESONANT FREQUENCY: Capacitance of MPDWC and Inductance of coil is measured hence putting into Series RC formula resonant frequency is measure.

    SUPPLY of Alternating Resonant Voltage: 12V are taken from simple car battery then converted into mostly 110 volts AC. This AC has frequency same as the resonance frequency of MPDWC and above coil. Then AC is bridge rectified but not stabilized. So Positive Polar wave is obtained (there are ups and downs as AC but positive remains positive and negative remains negative.)

    Depending on LC construction These voltage sometimes may lead to millions of volts. Water molecules in between plates could not resist to such a high voltage so they break up in Hydrogen and Oxygen. Interesting thing is the Amperes used by this Mechanism is just in milliamps. So there is no significant use of Battery. If common usage of battery is 8-10 Amps, Milli Amps will add no more visible load.

    1. This Circuit Uses Distilled Water. Because Water is working as dielectric so it must be non conductor and Distilled Water is a non conductor any impurity or chemical will not let the system work.
    2. Battery usage is minimal so no harm to battery and System slaps at the face of first law of thermodynamics and its advocates.
    3. Runtime Sufficient Hydrogen is produced so no need of storage and there is no danger at all.
    4. Due to sufficient Hydrogen System needs no other fuel mixed. That’s why it is threatening the fossil fuel deposit owners to shout against Agha Sahib because, Deposits of their Oil and Gas will be a story of past in near future.

    Here is a video showing glimpse of the mechanism similar to AGHA SAHIB’s mechanism at very basic level.



    Now Let me explain resonance that is taken from Planck’s Resonance Hypothesis:
    You know Harvard a uni. Their Wesite harvard.edu .

    They have a section at their web for The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System.
    They wrote Hidden variables: the resonance factor at the below website:


    In 1900 Max Karl Planck performed his famous black-body radiation work which sparked the quantum revolution. Re-examination of that work has revealed hidden variables, consistent with Einstein’s famous sentiment that quantum mechanics is incomplete due to the existence of “hidden variables”. The recent discovery of these previously hidden variables, which have been missing from foundational equations for more than one hundred years, has important implications for theoretical, experimental and applied sciences and technologies. Planck attempted to integrate the new “resonant Hertzian (electromagnetic) waves”, with existing Helmholtz theories on energy and thermodynamics. In his famous January 1901, paper on black-body radiation, Planck described two significant hypotheses – his well known Quantum Hypothesis, and his more obscure Resonance Hypothesis. Few scientists today are aware that Planck hypothesized resonant electromagnetic energy as a form of non-thermal energy available to perform work on a molecular basis, and that Planck’s Resonance Hypothesis bridged the gap between classical Helmholtz energy state dynamics of the bulk macrostate, and energy state dynamics of the molecular microstate. Since the black-body experimental data involved only a thermal effect and not a resonant effect, Planck excluded the resonant state in his black-body derivation. He calculated Boltzmann’s constant “kB” using completely thermal/entropic data, arriving at a value of 1.38 ×10^23 J K-1 per molecule, representing the internal energy of a molecule under completely thermal conditions. He further hypothesized, however, that if resonant energy was present in a system, the resonant energy would be “free to be converted into work”. Planck seems to have been caught up in the events of the quantum revolution and never returned to his Resonance Hypothesis. As a result, a mathematical foundation for resonance dynamics was never completed. Boltzmann’s constant was adopted into thermodynamic theories without its natural companion, the resonance factor (“rf”).

    Thisi is what Agha Sahib is inspired of 1900 planck’s hypothsis read again Ein Stein mentioned:

    Einstein’s famous sentiment that quantum mechanics is incomplete due to the existence of “hidden variables”

    They more told :

    Few scientists today are aware that Planck hypothesized resonant electromagnetic energy as a form of non-thermal energy available to perform work on a molecular basis, and that Planck’s Resonance Hypothesis bridged the gap between classical Helmholtz energy state dynamics of the bulk macrostate, and energy state dynamics of the molecular microstate

    So this resonance. Which was explaned by Planck in 1900. And scientists at Nasa and Harvard are goign to take in account the free energies of resonance. Our scientists and their assistants are busy in making theories to make Govt fool and Govt funds in their pockets. So they are unaware of Resonance Energy and just know theory of loot.

  23. This is impossible. You are an idiot if you believe it, this man will steal your money, breaking your hearts selling you this pipe dream.

  24. As a mechanical engineer, I feel it’s my duty to join with my fellow engineers on this thread, and point out the truth:

    It is not possible to run an internal combustion engine (a car engine) on water alone. Water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, but they it requires energy to separate them via electrolysis. Energy is *consumed* in the process, not *created*.

    If Agha Waqar Ahmed is truly an engineer, then I’m afraid he is doing the same as some Americans have done in the past: it is a hoax, and he’s trying to get money from the Pakistani government or from investors. He is not the first to try this (just search for “Sam Leslie Leach”, or “Louis Enricht” on google).

    So – there are multiple smart Pakistani engineers and scientists on here that have explained that it’s NOT possible. And they are right- this is a fraud, a hoax, and probably a scam to get money. Pakistan has brilliant scientists – they created Pakistan’s nuclear bombs, and the process to enrich uranium, not to mention many other technological achievements. Listen to them. Because Agha Waqar Ahmed is a fraud.

  25. I’m amused at the things Mossad gets Muslims to waste their money on. Pakistan is being financially raped and a lot of the money will go to the Israeli military. Enjoy promoting a con run by a Jewish spy. As a Christian American I’ll be laughing at you being so easily victimized.

  26. This is utter bullcrap and science shows that it is simply NOT possible. You fools that believe in this bogus “invention” are being taken for a ride. Mark my words: this will never work because, it is a physical impossibility. In other words, this is a fraud.

  27. I urge the responsible authorities of Pakistan to listen to the facts, not to the fantasies. This “inventor” is swindling the people of Pakistan with a very old and thoroughly exposed hoax which sounds good to the uninformed, but brings only grief and dismay to those who accept the lies and tricks.

    The perpetrator of the swindle deserves to be arrested and imprisoned, not lauded and supported.

    James Randi.

  28. Where is Mr Agha now? I think he has become a victim of the harassment by International Oil Mafia just like Stanley Meyer (USA), Ravi (India) or John Searl (UK). Mr Agha is not harvesting OxyHydro gas via old conventional process of Electrolysis, instead he is splitting H2 & O2 molecules through creating high RESONANCE in SS tubes using water as dielectric. At the time of formation of 2 laws of thermodynamics i.e. in 1860s the scientists did’nt had the concept of splitting molecules through resonance using water as non-conductor. Also in those days the essential material SS 317 L was not available being a prime part of water fuel cell. Anyway IF Agha Waqar is a fraud, then till now WHY is it not possible for any CRITIC or Scientist like Atta-ur-Rehman to point out the flaw in his WFC Kit i.e. is he using carbide or a secret cng gas pipe or any other sort of fuel inlet? No proof nor any allegation in his KIT is yet been surfaced on MEDIA instead everyone is wasting their energy on trying to give “fatwahs” based on so-called criminal allegations fabricated on the instructions of International Fossil Fuel Cartels. Please for God sake probe into facts.

  29. As you know .due to sone reasons we cannot watch video of this research.Can we watch? While you may send to us.