The US lawmakers are submitting their amendments to the Senate before their August recess, and the most important of these bills are related to cyber security.

The republicans and democrats seem to be at an impasse on a mutual agreement on the cyber privacy infringements and security breaches. However, some of representatives are trying to get to a concurrence to meet the demands of both parties.

Republicans are of the pro-business opinion that the security and privacy issues should not result in any turbulence in the business while, Democrats, the pro-privacy, want tighter security around the user privacy and limit to government intrusion.

Sen. Harry Reid is pushing to get cyber security legislation voted on this week before the Senate breaks for recess in August.

Democrat-based Cybersecurity Act of 2012, sponsored by Sen. Joseph Lieberman, is already in the making to reaching an agreed spot between the Democrats and Republicans. The bill argues on the removal of a provision calling for critical infrastructure providers to meet minimum security standards, which the Republicans said was too restrictive on businesses.

On the other hand, the bill also caters to the Democrats’ demand of increased measures on the security of user privacy. It adds the provision of protecting the civil liberties and privacy of the user.

According to various sources, there were more than 70 amendments submitted to be tabled before or after the Senate’s August recess. However, some of them were not related to the internet securities. One, for instance, was related to the gun control in the country.