The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone, whose first Bollywood film ‘Jism 2’ was released last Friday, has said that she is now thinking about hanging up her heals.

Leone owns her own pornographic company in United States, which she says will keep on running. However, she said she will not appear in anymore porn films now.

She told hindustantimes, “I’ll always own my adult-content production company. But I don’t have to act in our productions. To be honest I was trying to make a transition even before Bollywood beckoned. I’ve been in the adult industry since 2001. At some point you’ve got to hang up those heels. I am not that young any more. I can’t be continuing acting in adult films. So my company will produce films.”

Leone’s ‘Jism 2’, which was directed by Pooja Bhatt, opened up well with collections above 90% on average and performed strongly on its opening day at the box office. Nevertheless, the film had a huge fall on the second day and it was perhaps due to the negative critical reception and word of mouth.

Many people protested against the movie in front of the theatres and even abused the people who went into the cinema halls to watch it.

Leone however doesn’t feel offended by people judging her as a porn star because she admits that this tag will never go away from her life.

She insisted, “People will judge me the way they like. I can’t change what I am or what I did in the past. I can’t go from door-to-door asking everyone to delete my past. Not that I am apologetic or ashamed of my past. The key factor is here that I did what I did without any shame or guilt.”

Sunny Leone will now be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s forthcoming film ‘Ragini MMS 2’, which is a sequel to the 2011 release ‘Ragini MMS’.

She said, “It’s Ragini MMS 2. That’s my second film. It will be shot closer to the end of the year.”