The situation has got another twist as Hero TV reportedly aired Veena Malik’s Astaghfaar Show, making efforts to cover up the loss.

According to the reports, the management of the TV channel decided to take a risk and broadcasted first episode of the much-criticized show on August 5, at 8 PM.

A four-minute clip of the first show has also been uploaded at the YouTube with this link

The theme/topic of today’s episode was “Naa-farmaan Aulad Karegi Astaghfaar”. People believe that it was a cheap way for the newly launched Hero TV to grasp popularity.

In her message on the social networking website, Veena commented about the show, “I pray and believe that every child should respect his/her parents…loved the concept of today’s show”.

Earlier, Veena Malik had been dropped from the show and the whole crew of the program that was busy in shooting in Dubai was called back over the public outrage on social media.

Reportedly, Hero TV had already paid up to Rs4 million to Veena Malik for the show recordings and six episodes of the said show had been recorded.

To save the channel from huge loss, the management has now decided to broadcast the first six episodes of the show, which have been recorded already.

The show would be continued and Veena might return back, if Pakistani TV audience appreciates the first 6 episodes.

Veena, who was in the media for all the wrong reasons, has broken all records of vulgarity while performing nude photo shots for Indian men’s magazine.

After performing many vulgar roles in Big Boss, the Pakistani missy also declared herself as successful actress for her shameful performances.



  1. Asalam o alaikum. there are much bad activities going in our society and i think Media also needs to focus on it and why is always TV blamed?.

    it’s doing positive role.

    look at the brighter and optimistic approach.