Google plans to lay off about 4,000 employees at Motorola, 20% of the workforce of its mobile phone subsidiary acquired last year, according to sources familiar with the measure.

Two thirds of the adjustment will be made ??outside the United States. Google will also close a third of the company premises. Motorola, which reported on Sunday to employees of the cuts, will carry out layoffs
in the coming weeks.

"Motorola is committed to help in this difficult transition and offer generous compensation, "said Motorola in an email sent to the template.

Google, owner of the most popular Internet search engine in the world, paid about 12,500 million (10,000 million Euros) to be in May with Motorola, its biggest acquisition to date. In addition, Google has let her go to 40% of the Vice-handset

Motorola said they are expecting the new measures to enable the mobile phone division return to profitability.

The purchase of Motorola by Google was played a bombshell on the mobile phone business. With this acquisition, the Internet company has acquired the ability to manufacture its own devices and get well resemble Apple, the man to beat, and
agreed to its thousands of patents.