Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has urged the media to promote a positive image of the country, saying that no one practices human rights as much as they do so.

While addressing a seminar the premier observed, “The media portrays the masked face of a bomber, it should also show faces of people who spread positivity in the country”.

He stated, “A representative of foreign embassy saw my village questioned me if anyone had been taught about human rights there. I pointed at a farmer working grazing the pastures and told her that he will explain her how we practice human rights”.

PM Ashraf continued that he share the couplet of quote poet Mian Muhammad Baksh to her which translated as “Raze down mosques and temples, but never destroy a person’s heart as God resides in it”.

He highlighted the importance of independence, saying their identity was lying with the country. Pakistan has been like this since its formation and will remain the same till the end of times; he said adding that they could never have a substitute replacing this.

He noted, “When the people who move abroad to earn livelihood die, their bodies are brought back to their native areas in order to bury them. Ashraf said this highlighted the importance of land being an individual’s identity”.

Moreover, the premier said that real freedom could be attained by democracy rather any type of force.

Many freedom fighters took up militancy to fight for the cause of freedom, but could not succeed until they had the masses backing them, he added.

In the concluding remarks, PM Ashraf announced a reward of Rs1 million to Shafay Thobani for his achievement of becoming the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS).