The controversial queen of Pakistani, Veena Malik, has always locked headlines for wrong reasons in India. She perhaps is the best when it comes to gaining media limelight. Be it Pakistan or India, she always keeps on looking forward to something. As per the reports, the actress is now going to sing for the Kannada remake of ‘The Dirty Picture’.

‘The Dirty Picture’, which was released last year on December 10, featured Vidya Balan as Silk Smitha but in the Kannada remake, Malik will be featured in the same role. However, the difference is that Veena is also going to sing for the movie.

While speaking to the media, the 28-year-old insisted she always wanted to be a singer but her friends suggested her to become an actor because of her looks.

Veena said, “Singing is what I always wanted to do. I don’t know if it will be for this movie or not. But I am working on a music album right now. And, yes I am singing for a Bollywood film in which I will act too. It is a crazy party track which I am sure people will like.”

During the interview, Veena was also asked to share her experience of working in the Pakistani film industry.

“There, the film industry does not have international exposure. It is a small industry. Actually, I am very happy to be part of the films here,” she stated. “But, I do think south filmmakers are far more professional than those in Bollywood,” she added.

Veena Malik certainly faced a lot of criticism in the country but now B’town has accepted her as an eye-candy. Indian politicians, who were once much against her, are also accepting her to be the part of Hindu celebration.

The actress has been invited by BJP Mumbai president Raj Purohit at the holy celebration of Krishna Janmastami in Mumbai.

Well, all said and done, let’s see how Veena Malik performs in the Kannada remake of ‘The Dirty Picture’ and how good a singing debut she makes with it.