Instagram has now come with their new instalment called, Photo Maps. Users, who use iPhone or Android can both install the updates of this exciting feature.

Version 3.0 does not include new filters, and sharing in social networks beyond their own service contacts, Facebook and Twitter and FoursquareNor is it compatible with Blackberry or Windows Phone, the two
operating systems struggling for a foothold in the market.

The novelty lies in the commitment to inclusion of images on a Google map. Both the new and which they already had.

As users have been passed on to the new version, they multiplied the comments on old photos. The novelty has served to rediscover albums contacts and therefore encourage participation.

In GigaOM, Internet business analysts indicate that this improvement opens the door to a possible form of business including events sponsored or related images for advertising. This program also allows for a
sense of infinite unfolding as you can go from picture to picture in vertical flow.

Instagram already has more than 80 million users. In March, they touched a figure of staggering 30 million users.