As per the reports, more than 20,000 Muslims have been killed by the extremist Buddhists in Burma’s Rakhine province but unfortunately no actions have been taken by anyone as of yet. All the human right champions are ignoring the matter. Even the media is silent over the issue, which is of utmost importance.

JAMAAT-e-Islami’s Syed Munawar Hasan has expressed his grave concerns over the issue and while speaking on his inclusion he stated Myanmar Muslims are being killed because they are not converting to Buddhism.

Hasan has appealed to the world community, especially the Muslim rulers, to highlight the issue and exert diplomatic pressure on Myanmar government so that the violence which is being done in the day light stops.

Hasan insisted that tens of thousands of Myanmar Muslims are lying at the borders of Burma and Bangladesh in search of some help but no one is noticing them. He said they badly need help and financial assistance.

In the meantime, Mr. Hasan revealed that JIP had set up a relief fund for the innocent and helpless Muslims of Myanmar and he is hoping donations from the well-to-do people.

APML (All Muslim League Secretary) General Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif has urged the Muslims countries as well.

The General Secretary remarked that over 500 Muslims villages have been burned in the last two months and thousands of people have been brutally killed on the streets. He said he wants all the Muslims countries to protest and rescue their brothers and sisters.

Well, all said and done, for the first time the Government of Pakistan has expressed its concerns over the genocide of Muslims in Myanmar Burma.

Different religious and political parties in Pakistan have decided to submit a memorandum to Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad Khan so that it could be sent to the president of the country and also to the ministry of foreign affairs.

It is certainly a good step from the political parties of Pakistan but it is not enough because this issue needs to be raised by every Muslim country and also by the human right organizations all over the world.


  1. your report is too bad of falsehood and too far from reality. better check the ground reality before writing such complicated case, it can be alienated your brethern in Burma (Burma) and the world if it cannot prove your claimed. And pls do not make blind your audience with falsehood.
    kyaw than

  2. It is a False news.
    It is capitalizing Bangladesh and Pakistan Jammat Islami for their Political advantage. Be careful from Jammat.

  3. Sir,
    Why you people are silent when lakhs of non-muslims like hindus, sikhs, bhudishts are continuously and systematically killed, looted, raped, abducted, threathered, forcefully converted into islam in Pakistan and made to leave their homes / properties. Please understand that religion should be personal to individuals and there should not be any outside interference. Also know one thuth that God is meant for people with weak mind / heart. Further, there cannot be God only for humans and that too in human form while there are millions of types / forms of living things on earth / universe. Further no one has seen God on this earth and if any one has told or is telling that he / she has seen God, definitely he or she is telling lies and he is definitely a weak mind person. Even for time being it is assumed that God is there, then there cannot be separate Gods for different faiths and also it can not be the case that God was born / emerged during the last few hundreds / thousands of years back only. If really there are different Gods for Muslims, Cristians, Hindus, Buddists, etc then we have to pity the God as it will be extremely difficult for him to identify who is his follower and who is not and even lakhs of modern day super computers cannot help him in this task of identification. So there cannot be God only for human beings in human form and that too different Gods for different faiths. So God is only ones belief in his own mind whether real or imaginary and it should be accepted and limited to that extent with out trying to impose one’s beliefs on others, which is the root cause of all problems. We have to respect this belief of individuals whereever they are without trying to impose ourself on them. We have to ask ourself one question, who are we to impose something on others when the same is not scientifically proven beyond doubt and which is imposible also. The problem comes only when we try to impose our beliefs on others and try to make others change with wrong meathods. If one is willing to change his belief it is his problem and he will do it on his own. Take for example entire old generation of Pakistan were originally Hindus as muslim religion was only around 1400 years old. Some were later converted into Buddists and finally now majority were converted into Muslims and the difference is how many generations back. So it is a cycle and faith is not static and canges depending upon the time. So my advice is first try to be human beings and learn to respect other faith and dont try to enter into homes of other faiths on the ground that their faith is not correct and leave it to them. If one follows this the entire human race will flourish and prosper.In fact there are may other important problems the human race is facing, before which religion is nothing. Address problems of poverty, health, literacy, improve standard of living of people at large, etc instead of poisoning minds of common people for political / social advantages of few leaders.
    – a well wisher of humankind

  4. killing of innocent Muslims in Barma is an act of Terrorism and genocide. We urge the world community, so called super powers and champions of maintaining peace in the world that they must take notice of the matter. Also all the Muslim countries must unite on the issue, condemn it and exert as much pressure on world community as they can to stop killing and join together to help them through donations. MAY ALLAH BE WITH ALL OF THEM