In democracy, change comes through different ways and mostly with an evolutionary process where a trend is set by starting a clear voting process. In other words, democracy is the refection of the people’s desires.

In most countries, elections attract enormous public attention and this is not surprising as these political exercises constitute the heart of the democratic order.

By using the power of their vote, people can mould the situations properly and peacefully. However, this trend has still not taken root in Pakistan.

The country has to cultivate a democratic culture that has the ability to uplift a society. The key reason for this is that our country remained under the shadows of military dictatorships for decades.

Our system is blend of dictatorship and democracy and our political parties are major examples of this amalgamation.

The desire to do well in a society come out when there is continue in the system.

Traditional politics has dominated our communal structures for decades and votes are abstracted towards the powerful segment of the society.

Elections and democracy are like two wheels of a cart. If you remove one wheel the vehicle cannot move forward.

The existing environment of the country is pungent the people emotions who are becoming well aware of issues of governance, statecraft and practical politics.

The masses will get a chance to choose their representatives as the election year is approaching. In order to seek health results, the elections must be free and fair across the country.

The reaction of the society will be over whelming if the phenomenon of rigging and unfairness will prevail in the elections.

By showing the power of our votes, it is right time to bounce back and make efforts to change the system.

Everyone should cast their vote and chose those politicians which they consider is best fit for the country and society.

This plan will help in pulling up the old structures and a reality will seep in the society.