Salman Khan’s starrer ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, directed by Kabir Khan, has broken many records at the box office and it is still on a magnificent run. However, the film has been banned in Pakistan by the country’s Censor Board for its depiction of Pakistani intelligence operatives.

‘Ek Tha Tiger’, which collected more money than any other Indian film ever on its opening day, was slated to hit the cinema halls in Pakistan on Eid-Ul-Fitr and was one of the most anticipated movies of this season.

Muhammed Ashraf Gondal, vice-chairman of the Central Board of Film Censors, spoke to the media about why the film has been banned in Pakistan.

“We have strict criteria due to which films that have themes that touch on anti-terrorism and are against Pakistan’s national institutions or security agencies ultimately have to be censored because they are against the national interest,” Gondal told The Express Tribune.

“‘Ek Tha Tiger’ has several themes referring to Pakistan’s agencies, which were deemed problematic, thus leading to the ban of the film,” he said.

The film featured Salman’s ex-flame Katrina Kaif as the female lead. As per the media reports, in the movie Katrina plays the role of a Pakistani spy posing a scientist’s part-time home caretaker whereas Salman plays a RAW agent who falls in love with her.


Asim Quresh, CEO of Brand TV and Cinema, also spoke to the media. Quresh admitted ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ would have done much business in Pakistan because the people were anxiously waiting for it. He further added that the films always do well on Eid in Pakistan.

He said, “‘Ek Tha Tiger’ would have smashed Bodyguard s box office record in Pakistan. In the history of Pakistani cinema, Eid has been the most celebrated slot, since the biggest releases are scheduled for this time,” he said.

Well, all said and done, ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ is on an incredible role in India and is expected to break many more records but if the film enters Pakistan somehow, it will certainly be a huge bonus.


  1. ITS VERY sad pakistanicensor board banning ek tha tiger, even though ek tha tiger has reference to ISI , its not at alloffensive , its a MOVIE WITHA MESSAGE LOVE HAS NO BARRIERS , CASTE , CREED OR COUNTRIES, ITS A SOLID ACTION MOVIE