In the second last installment of the five-part series, I will briefly discuss the brilliant minds of Aelita Andre and Kishan Shrikanth.

Aelita Andre (Australia)

The little beauty was exhibiting her paintings in famous art houses in Australia when most children at the age are not even potty trained.

She was an incredible child prodigy who had produced fine works of abstract art when she was only two-year-old.

She got an opportunity to show her paintings when Mark Jamieson, the director of Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, was asked by a photographer whose work he represented to consider the work of another artist.

Jamieson liked what he saw and agreed to include it in a group show. Only then did he discover a crucial fact about the new artist: Aelita Andre is Kalashnikova’s daughter, and was just 22 months old.

Jamieson was shocked and embarrassed but decided to proceed with the exhibition anyways.

Andre’s first solo exhibition, The Prodigy of Color, ran from 4 June to 25 June 2011 at the Agora Gallery, a vanity gallery in Chelsea.

Her second solo exhibition, Secret Universe, was held from 12 June to 3 July 2012 at the Agora Gallery.

Kishan Shrikanth (India)

Shrikanth, who hails from India, is the youngest film director in the world. He directed his first movie at the age of nine, Care of Foothpath.

Guinness Book of World Records also recognized him as world’s youngest director.

He had shown extreme focus at the tender young age of three when he said that he wanted to join the film industry.

Apart from being the world’s youngest director he is also the winner of many accolades and awards including National film awards for best children’s film.

He started his career as a child model at 3 years and then began acting in films at the age of 4 years. At the age of 14 years now he has acted in 28 Feature films and featured in more than 300 Television episodes.

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