The leaked photos of the new iPhone’s circuit have spurred a new wave of mock-ups of the finished product that has flooded the internet of late.

A very authentic source on Apple related news, SmartPhone Medic has published alleged photos of the upcoming Apple phone that can be unleashed as soon as come October. SmartPhone Medic has released a video of the new iPhone based on the leaked circuit photos. It includes the front panel and the dock connector details.

It is no news that Apple is planning to enlarge the size of iPhone’s screen to 4 inches at the minimum with a screen ratio of 16:9 (HD). However, the features that were still in the dark were the complete front panel with the home button and camera/proximity sensor up top.

“We just got some new iPhone 5 parts in,” SmartPhone Medic representative speaks to begin the video.

The Medic has joined the dots based on the circuit and released a complete picture of the phone. The new handset will, according to this source, have a thinner side bezel and a relatively narrower upper and lower border. The distance from the home button to the screen has been shortened to keep the phone in certain constraints.

The video also shows the displacement of the front-facing HD camera and the proximity sensor; both are now on the same side. Despite the larger screen, Apple has allegedly kept the phone relatively smaller for a 4-incht display.

The company has also changed the dock connector. Instead of the larger 30-pin connector the new iPhone is the first Apple device to incorporate the smaller 8-pin jack to make room for other components.

The video also compares the device with the new Samsung Galaxy S III. At 4.8 inches the S III screen is way too bigger than the iPhone. The new iPhone screen has not changed in width.