Apple’s keynotes are nearly the alleged even date, September 12, and the rumour mill is in full swing. The latest wave has leaked a picture of the circuit the is said to be a part of the new iPhone, anticipated by most as the iPhone 5.

A tech blog SmartPhone Medic has assembled the circuit inside a case made according to other rumours about the bigger 4-inch 16:9 ratio. The results have been shown in a video released earlier this week. According to the Medic, the new iPhone will have a small 8-pin dock and position of front-facing camera and the proximity sensor have also been changed.

The side bezels have been narrowed down a little while top and bottom borders receive a major cut in width. The home button however, remains of the same size.

Apple is also expected to release a smaller version of the iPad. There were strong speculations from experts that the new iPhone launch will be accompanied by the alleged 7-inch iPad Mini. The recent Apple-Samsung case, the Apple won in Friday also gave away strong hints about the smaller tablet from the Cupertino giants.

The new smaller iPad is also expected to have the same small docking jack. Moreover, it will have all the goodies of the new iPad released this March. Another source has confirmed that both iPhone and iPad will be launched on September 12 but the tablet is expected to adorn the shelves later in the holiday season.

However, Apple is expected to start is mass production in September following the keynotes with a monthly volume of 4 million until the holiday season.

Word on the street is that Apple is also re-releasing the new iPad (the March release) along with the new iPhone with the same 8-pin dock, or it may be release later in year but its release is inevitable.

Accessories related to all new iOS devices will be coming to the stores before their releases. Moreover, all the aforementioned devices are coming with iOS 6 pre-installed.