Academy award winning sound specialist Resul Pookutty recently took a dig at Aamir Khan’s humanitarian TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’ by claiming that the show was completely doctored to emotionally blackmail audiences. However, now Pookutty says that he was misquoted and he never meant to hurt Aamir’s feelings.

Pookutty wrote, “Misinterpretation and a doctored story quoting me on #satyamevjayate”.

Pookutty sent shock waves across the country after he said a lot of post-production work was done in the show so that the audiences could be emotionally blackmailed but now he says that his statements were completely misrepresented by the newspapers.

Pookutty slammed the news daily by saying ‘bad journalism’ for representing him in a wrong way.

Pookutty shares beautiful relationship with Aamir Khan and he believes the media has deliberately tried to spoil his equation with the actor, who is currently working on his forthcoming film ‘Dhoom 3’, in which he will be seen playing a role opposite to Katrina Kaif.

He wrote, “I’m sorry to have been a reason to cause hurt to @aamir_khan. I never intent to. what smj has done is what our govt couldn’t do in 65y. I have immense respect and adulation for the work@aamir_khan has been doing.I want to stay corrected. My earlier tweets on smj are examples.”

Pookutty landed in the middle of a controversy after he was quoted saying as, “Satyamev Jayate was a completely doctored show. A lot of sound post-production work was done on the show. It was treated just like a film. Like how you sound (mixing) is handled in a film so that you can sort of emotionally blackmail audiences. That’s what was done with SMJ.”

‘Satyamev Jayate’ was a talk show in which Aamir created awareness among the people by highlighting different social issues of the society.

The actor travelled across the country to different areas to get information and feedback from the people and his efforts were highly appreciated by almost everyone out there.