New Zealand’s Benjamin Hillier proved his mettle on court and won the Boy’s Singles U17 title after putting up strong show in the final match when he toppled Alan Wong at Badminton Hutt Valley Age Group Championships 2012 on August 26, in
New Zealand.

The in-form Benjamin, who was placed at number two in main draw of the championship, played to his full potential and won battle in straight sets in a close fashion.

The higher ranked Benjamin showed a superb aggression as he played aggressive badminton with inspiring speed and overwhelmed his talented challenger in two sets with a reasonable margin on the board.

In the meanwhile, the un-seeded Alan Wong also showed his strong skills as he played competitive game on court as put up a good resistance in both sets. However, he could not do much to snatch any set from Benjamin and lost the fight without taking any set.

The second seeded Benjamin played with precision in first set but he could not construct a reasonable lead as his lower ranked opponent also played planned and smart game.

They progressed closely by putting up thrilling show of top class game and remained neck-to-neck in the first half. They were close on score board until the end of first half.

After the break, Benjamin changed his strategy and pushed his rival away from net by executing powerful pushes. He was fully focused in the ending points of first set and won it with a reasonable score of 21-18.

However, Alan played attacking badminton and created pressure on Benjamin in the second set by availing all opportunities to earn points.

Until the break, both shuttlers played aggressive badminton while remaining positive and no one could set up lead.

After the one-minute break, the tempo of rallies remained fast as both players did not slow down their speed and the score was close until the ending points.

They were at 20-20 when Benjamin showed his craft and score two straight points to grab the game with a dramatic 22-20 score on the board.

The second seeded Benjamin remained successful in winning this title battle in a convincing fashion with a close margin of 21-18 and 22-20.