Cars of British Celebrities

Most of our celebrities have wealth. Some of them have good looks, or health. Many have all three, meaning beautiful people driving around in beautiful vehicles – a level of hyper-unattainability for Joe Public. Rich stars in their expensive cars draw adoration
and resentment in equal measure.

To celebrate (or decry – you choose) the lucky few for whom the only thing matching their fame is their revs, we’ve trawled the web to match three big names to three coveted cars and compare their costs.

Stephen Gerrard’s Porsche 911

If you compiled a list of iconic 21st Century Brits, and then did the same for cars, these words and numbers would be heading the pack on each. The classic edition of the 911 may have been born 17 years before footballer Gerrard, but they’re both sporty,
pricey and hugely popular with the British public.

Car: £100,000 for life

Star: £100,000 per week

Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1

The actor proved his worth as a major British export at the opening ceremony of this year’s Olympics. Thanks to the international nature of silent comedy, Mr Blackadder is really counting the Beans, with a purported £60 million personal fortune.

While the actor may only have peeled off a hundredth of his vast wealth to pay for the 250mph McLaren F1, in August 2011 he took a huge dent out of a particularly nice tree on the A605, just outside Haddon in Cambridgeshire.

Car: £100,000 (until he totalled it)

Star: £11 million (per series of wordless, worldwide hit movies)

Stephen Fry’s Hackney Carriage

Aah, that’s more like it. He used to parody a stereotypical London cab driver, now he’s a completely atypical one, cruising around London in a classic British car (and naughtily – reportedly – making full use of the attendant advantages).

Both car and star were made in the provinces, Fry from Norwich and black cabs from Coventry, and both have made their fame and fortune in London. You can get an old TX1 for a steal. Fry costs a bloody fortune, so try not to get in his cab accidentally (although
he does have The Knowledge and some better than average cab chat).

Car: £500-£1500 (for an ex-service London cab)

Star: £12 million (for a career – enough to buy 8 used Bugatti Veyrons)