Google, Inc. has come up with yet another service on its search engine The new service Google Shopping will target shoppers that search for consumer products online and will connect them directly to the retailers.

The main feature of the service is to add visualization to advertisements in search results. The search queries on Google Shopping will show results in visual adverts from retailers to make a more persuasive impact on the searchers.

“The whole mission with Google Shopping is to drive people to an action, to buy, because once that action is done, revenues come,” said Trip Chaudhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research.

The ads will be updated promptly with the latest inventories from the retailers and the program will also provide deeper insight to the users on the latest trends, new products on shelves and which product is selling like hot cakes.

In addition, more retailers will participate in the competition. The search query will produce results including all the retailers who offer that product. The results will not include any source other than the retailers. However, the companies that sell their products by themselves like Apple will be included in catalogue.

Reports have suggested that online shoppers and searchers have been moving to for searches as it offers more authentic results and pinpoints the query.

“Amazon is the first stop on the shopping journey for more and more shoppers,” Forrester analysts Sucharita Mulpuru and Brian Walker wrote in the report.

The biggest advantage of Google Shopping is to the retailers who will be able to connect directly to the consumers, or potential consumers. This will also help them formulate trends toward a certain product or fashion, or a need.

“We wanted to build an experience that would really help retailers connect with consumers at their moment of interest,” Samat told IBD. “We wanted to help drive the right, relevant clicks to retailers.”

Google has asked retailers to deliver up-to-date inventory lists with pictures. Some retailers have already started updating their profiles on daily and hourly basis.