is making strong and encouraging statements that surely are going to inculcate confidence in investors. The company said Tuesday that its 180,000 books available for Amazon Prime membership have received over a hundred million-plus hits in terms of downloads, borrows and purchases.

Though it has been less than a year since the service started after the release of Kindle Fire, Amazon’s flagship tablet, the number of hits stated is quite impressive. The main reason for such a great trend toward Kindle-exclusive purchases and borrow can be the persuasive discounts and unlimited time of borrow for as much as one book a month.

The company started the service the service in November 2011 with not more than 5,000 books and the catalogue has grown to 180,000 titles in a mere 10-month period. This is impressive and will certainly uphold the confidence in Amazon investors though the real deal, new version of Kindle Fire, is still to come out next month.

Amazon Prime membership offers a wide array of video, audio and reading content to its members with great discounts and a number of free downloads. In case of books, the members can borrow these books, as many as one title a month with no due dates. The membership fee is $79 per year.

“We have a huge library of books that are only available on Kindle, and they’re super popular — in less than a year they’ve been downloaded more than 100 million times,” Russ Grandinetti, vice president of Kindle Content, said in the company’s release. “Exclusive books are another great benefit for Kindle readers, and we’re going to continue to work hard to make sure the Kindle ecosystem is the best in the world for our customers.”

Authors have the option of making their books exclusive to Amazon Prime and Kindle by signing up with the program called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The most successful title so far has been “War Brides” by Helen Bryan which has been downloaded or purchased more than 270,000 times.