Micholas Kidd proves too strong for Wesley Caulkett at Ede Clendinnen Shield Sydney

Nicholas Kidd, one of the spirited shuttlers from Western Australia, proved his elevated craft on court and remained successful in registering a spectacular victory over Queensland Titans’ Wesley Caulkett in Men’s Singles showdown at Ede Clendinnen Shield
Sydney 2012 on August 28, in Australia.

The in-form Nicholas, who delivered an incredible performance in all of his contests in the event remained consistent on court and easily thrashed his rival in a dominating fashion with a huge margin on the board.

The impressive Nicholas was in full swing as he played flawless badminton in the whole battle and emerged as the winner against Wesley in straight games with a huge difference by taking just 24 minutes.

The confused Wesley failed to put up strong show of positive and fast badminton and remained struggling to cope up with the speed of his impressive rival and eventually went down in the contest without putting up strong show in front of the local crowd.

Nicholas was impressive in the opening game as he started his run in a positive manner by playing with precision and he did not face any trouble in setting up a wonderful lead in opening half.

The aggressive and positive play of Nicholas helped him to remain consistent and ahead on his rival on score board until the one-minute break in first set.

In the meanwhile, Wesley tried to reduce the deficit by employing powerful shots but failed to shake the confidence of his opponent.

On the contrary, the impressive Nicholas continued his roller-coaster performance on court without sparing any chance for his opponent and remained successful in finishing off the opening game with an incredible margin of 21-9.

In the second game, Wesley played good badminton in opening rallies and also remained close to his in-form opponent at the opening stage.

Nicholas, on the other hand, geared up his speed in all areas of the court and remained successful in taking a reasonable lead before the end of opening half.

After the mid-game interval, Nicholas remained positive and consistent in his play and he easily grabbed the second game with a superb 21-12 score on the board.

Nicholas emerged as the winner in this Men’s Singles battle in a commanding fashion by a striking margin of 21-9 and 21-12.