Anzac Mehmood, the first Pakistani in the history of the World Endurance Championship, showed his brilliant grip over horses at the Euston Park of the Duke of Grafton.

Basically hailing from Jhelum, Punjab, Mehmood represented the country on his own at the grand competition. As many as 147 horse and riders combinations belonging to 38 countries took part in the 160 kilometer race.

While speaking to a daily, the Pakistani rider expressed disappointment saying that the horse failed to complete the race after initially showing so much performance.

He, however, expressed pleasure that his other horse won the race for Team Great Britain.

He noted, “This is first ever in the history of world championship that Pakistan has been represented and I am honored that I raised Pakistan’s flag. I have won three championships and my horses have finished with either silver or bronze medals”.

He was not happy with attitude of the Pakistan Equestrian Federation (PEF), saying he had just needed recommendation of the federation.

He noted, “I have my own horses but they don’t care. It doesn’t matter where horses come from. What’s important is that Pakistan should be represented but the military officials running the organizations are living in a bubble”.

He was of the opinion that Pakistan could perform well in this sport as it has great potential in the form of horses and horse-trainers.

The Pakistani-origin rider informed the daily that he was mulling to establish a form in the United Kingdom to train his own horses for European and World Championships.

He, however, offered any type of help to Pakistan in developing the sport.

According to the report, the competition was started at 7am and continued for 12 hours. The Pakistani ride rode Castlebar Lighting for Pakistan with an averaging speed of 20.6kph.

He completed five out of the six loops out of total 160 kilometers. Unfortunately, his horse failed to qualify for the final loop after authorities found an issue with the heart rhythm of the horse.

Although the Pakistani-origin failed to win the race, he did a wonderful effort to bring a positive name for the country.