The Indo-Canadian porn star Sunny Leone made a successful Bollywood with Pooja Bhatt’s film ‘Jism 2’ and she is now eager to work in the industry for many more years. However, the 31-year-old has revealed that she always seeks her husband Denial Weber’s approval before signing any film, Zee news reported.

While speaking on her inclusion in one of her interviews to a tabloid the hot and seductive babe stated that work keeps their couple happy and the main reason behind is because she always consults before committing herself to any project.

She said, “No script offered to me is approved without Daniel`s permission. I do not sign any contract.”

Leone insisted even the script of ‘Jism 2’ was approved by her husband.

“I did not understand the script when I read it first though it was specifically written in English for me to understand. Daniel read it before to confirm it,” Sunny told the news daily.

Daniel is Leone’s husband and business partner as well. He heads his joint production company with Leone back in United States of America. However, a porn star can have a husband is hard to believe for many out there in the country. Perhaps this is a reason why Leone’s husband came out and clarified a few things.

Sunny’s husband was quoted by the daily as saying, “In an Indian society, it is taboo to be in such a profession (adult films) but we love each other. I don`t have to deal with the tag of being a porn star or my wife being one. I own the production company and we share the best relationship. We are friends, business partners and together 24×7.”

Sunny Leone, who was named ‘Penthouse Pet of the Year’ in 2003, has now been signed by Ekta Kapoor for ‘Ragini MMS 2’, a sequel to the 2010 film ‘Ragini MMS’.

Let’s see how better she can perform this time on the Bollywood’s silver screen.