Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Raaz 3’, which releases on September 7, certainly has hallmarks of becoming a blockbuster hit. The previous instalments of the film, Raaz (2002) and Raaz – The Mystery Continues (2009), did pretty well at the box office but it looks as if the third sequel of movie will simply set the cash registers ringing at the box office.

The movie, which will feature Emraan Hashmi, Esha Gupta and Bipasha Basu in the lead roles, has created an enormous hype among the audiences.

Emraan already has the image of the serial kisser but this time the actor has ever surpassed himself since he has indulged himself in a 20-minute long lip lock with co-star Esha. He also has performed multiple kisses with his other co-star Bipasha.

Emraan has shared several long kisses on-screen previously but this is probably the longest of them all.

“Emraan’s kissing scene is the icing on the cake that we offer in the film to all his fans. I would call this a marathon kiss,” Mid-Day reported.

Emraan knows very well about his image in the industry and he has decided not to distance himself from the kind of roles he is known for doing. The actor revealed it while sharing his thought with the media.

“We have upped the stakes. There is normally one heroine, but here there are two. The sinful experiences on screen have increased,” the 33-year-old said here in an interview.

“I have a core constituency, an audience who want me to do such films. Every actor has an image and you would be a fool to let go of that. Yes, you can occasionally do other films but if you let go of your core strength then the relatability drops.

“Within that realm you should try other genres. Like I do Raaz, I also did ‘Shanghai’ and it received critical acclaim. Of course, this is my core strength and I want to do such films and Raaz 3 is a film which brings all those strengths together,” he added.

Well, all said and done, there is hardly any time left before the movie will hit the silver screen of Bollywood. So let’s see how much money it generates at the box office.