Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming movie ‘Raaz 3’, which will hit the cinema halls tomorrow, is said to be based on Ameesha Patel’s life. Vikram and Ameesha remained in a long relationship before they got separated.

Ameesha made a very successful Bollywood debut with ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’, in which she played a role opposite to Hrithik Roshan. However, the actress couldn’t reach the same level of success afterwards.

‘Raaz 3’, which s a sequel to Raaz – The Mystery Continues (2009), which itself was a sequel to Raaz (2002), also revolves around the life of an actress who was once very successful but when she sees her career fading away, she turns to black magic. Perhaps this is a reason why many out there started to believe as if the film is somehow inspired from Ameesha’s life.

However, Bhatt has rejected all rumours by saying that his film is not based on Ameesha’s life at all.

During the interview, Bhatt was asked about ‘Raaz 3’ and also about ‘Ankahee’, which was released back in 2006 because a lot was said about ‘Ankahee’ as well.

Bhatt told Hindustantimes, “Ankahee was based more on me — a man involved in an extramarital affair — than Sushmita. And the only similarity between Sanjana (Bipasha Basu’s character in Raaz 3D) and Ameesha is that both are actors involved with a director. The muse for Bipasha’s character could be Madhuri (Dixit), Sridevi or even Bipasha herself. If anything, being in a relationship with an actor has given me certain insights, but Raaz 3D is not about Ameesha. After the split, we’ve had a cordial relationship and I don’t expect her to be upset.”

‘Raaz 3’, which is one of the most eagerly awaited films of this season, will feature Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta in the lead roles.

There is hardly anytime left in the release of the movie so let’s wait and watch how much money it generates at the box office.