Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi is on cloud nine these days since he has delivered back to back hits like ‘Jannat 2’ and ‘Raaz 3’ to the industry. However, the actor stays on to be calm and composed as ever without making any plans to paint the town red.

Emraan latest release ‘Raaz 3’ has grossed almost over 40 crore at the box office and the success ratio of the actor is being compared to that of superstar Salman Khan. Nevertheless, when it comes to ‘Raaz 3’, it feels as if Bipasha Basu took the centre-stage in the film.

When asked Emraan about this, he said he is not worried at all because he knows he hasn’t been robbed off any praises. The actor further added that it’s ok with him because he doesn’t want everyone to talk about him all the time.

He told, “Not really, reason being that I am not starved for that sort of endorsement from people. I have had two great years and its okay if Bhatt saab talked more about Bipasha. I don’t take it personally because I know that I haven’t been robbed of any praise. Also, I am scared of too much harping about me. I would rather be seen or spoken about sparsely than something or the other being constantly churned about me.”

In the movie, the actor performed kissing scenes with both of his co-stars, Bipasha and Esha Gupta, and when asked he said he don’t want to disappoint his fans by saying no to such scenes.

He said, “If I am required to do something as an actor, I can’t be restraining myself. Also, I have realised that there is a core constituency of audience that you should never leave.”

The actor was also asked if he would ever take a different route.

He replied, “That’s something I am doing naa; I just had Shanghai of mine release. See, I am not shying away from experimentation. That would happen for a different kind of audience.”