Joshua Magee ousts Bruno Carvalho in Men’s Singles U19 semi-final at Irish U19 Open

Joshua Magee, an emerging shuttler from Ireland, made his home fans cheered as he stormed into Men’s Singles U19 by showing exit to Portugal’s Bruno Carvalho in semi-final battle at Irish U19 Open 2012 in Ireland, on September 8.

The impressive Joshua, who remained unmatched in the whole tournament, remained consistent in his impressive performance on court and overpowered Bruno who was the top seed in main draw.

Irish player was at his best as he showed his impressive craft and remained successful in giving a severe lesson to his top seeded opponent in straight games with a reasonable margin.

On the other hand, the top seeded Bruno tried his level best to put up good resistance but failed to push his opponent on back foot and remained struggling. He bowed down without showing any considerable performance and also without winning even a single

It was a thrilling fight in the opening game when the lower ranked Joshua proved a tough nut to crack for the top seeded Portuguese shuttler who put in everything into his effort to take control of the game.

The game got intensity as both players put in extra effort and kept the crowd engaging all the way and remained neck-to-neck until the mid-game interval.

They continued playing in the similar fashion after the break by keeping the pace of rallies high. Both player took the bird early and remained close until the score reached at the ending points.

Joshua played dominating badminton at this crucial stage and proved his tremendous craft. He played positive badminton while keeping the bird low at net and managed to finish off the set with a tight margin of 23-21.

In the following set, Irish shuttler showed an impressive confidence as he played positive and fast badminton and remained in lead on score board until the one-minute break.

Joshua continued playing attacking badminton after the break and finished off the set with a convincing 21-16 score on the board.

The incredible Joshua lived up to the expectations of his home fans by winning the semi-final match in a convincing fashion with a reasonable margin of 23-21 and 21-16.