Sarah Katsoulis and Bobby Hurley capture gold medals – EnergyAustralia SC Championships

Sarah Katsoulis and Bobby Hurley captured gold medals of the Women’s 50m breaststroke and Men’s 100m backstroke at the 2012 EnergyAustralia Short Course Championships.

With her laudable efforts, Hurley faced no trouble in securing her top qualification spot as she made her way to the finishing wall for the crown by submitting a time of 30.68 seconds.

The gold medallist was chased by Lorna Tonks, who remained 0.22 seconds slower and stepped on the victory stand for silver medal by reporting a time of 30.90 seconds.

Tonks was followed by Samantha Marshall, who suffered a deficit of half stroke from her preceding swimmer and secured bronze medal of the discipline by touching the wall with a timing of 31.15 seconds.

Fourth finest spot of the race was secured by Olivia Halicek, who remained 0.11 seconds slower from her former finisher and tapped the wall with a timing of 31.26 seconds.

Following that, the crowd witnessed scintillating efforts of Hurley in the backstroke discipline. With his astounding pace, Hurley remained just a stroke ahead of his closest competitor and occupied gold medal of the race by submitting a wonderful effort
of 50.98 seconds.

The champion was chased by Ashley Delaney, who remained 0.29 seconds apart and transpired on the finishing end for silver medal of the race by reporting a nice time of 51.27 seconds.

Delaney was followed by Ben Edmonds, who was only 0.03 seconds slower from the second position holder by clocking a time of 52.30 seconds.

Fourth best position of the race was obtained by Daniel Blackborrow of Melbourne VIC, who suffered a loss of only 0.08 seconds slower from his former finisher and touched the wall with an effort of 52.38 seconds.

Furthermore, the crowd appreciated commendable efforts of all participants in their respective disciplines while the position holders received medals and accolades for their notable efforts at the prize ceremony of the event.

In addition, the championship will continue for two more days and will conclude on September 16 after the completion of all events.