The Filipino boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, and the Mexican Dinamita, Juan Manuel Marquez, are set to face each other for the fourth time on December 8 and the International Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach, who has trained Pacquiao for all three of the previous fights against Marquez, admits he is completely stumped when it comes to creating a fight strategy to defeat the four-division world champion.

While speaking on his inclusion, the five-time ‘Trainer of the Year’ award winner stated that he knows how to outcome Marquez in the ring but his man has not been able to execute his strategies till now.

Roach told Boxing Scene, “He’s very difficult to deal with. A very difficult style to get ready for. I’ve had three chances to get Manny for this guy. I have a good game plan, so I thought, but like I’ve said the gym is the gym and the fight is the fight.”

He said, “In the gym, Manny would not make a mistake and he would know how to fight this guy completely. He would move away from the right hand, but when Manny would get in the ring with him and the bell rings – Marquez does something that make Manny move into the right hand. He’s had success with that lead right hand and those combinations behind them. I’m a little stuck. I’ve showed Manny in camp but it’s not worked in the fight.”

In the end, Roach revealed that Pacquiao is not going to start his camp in Philippines this time.

“We are not going to the Philippines to train for this fight. The whole camp will be in LA,” Roach said.

Pacquiao and Marquez have met three times before but all of the three fights between them have ended up in a controversy. Though Pacquiao is the overall winner, many out there believe Marquez should been awarded with the wins.

Therefore, let’s see if Pacquiao proves himself as the real winner this time.