Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that an act of terrorism couldn’t be ruled out as one of the possible reasons in the incident of fire in a garments factory that killed hundreds of people in the provincial metropolis city.

While speaking to the media, the minister said that a probe is underway to ascertain causes of the accident and law enforcement agencies collected forensic evidence.

He pointed towards those who criticized the government over the incident saying where Shahbaz Sharif was when fire broke out in Lahore.

He observed, “It was the responsibility of the provincial governments to ensure implementation of building control laws but I myself will monitor its progress”.

The minister continued that an investigation commission would be formed to ascertain the transparency of the process through which advertisement are published in the media by provincial governments including that of the Punjab so that it is known how the nation’s wealth was spent on laptops and personal promotion.

“The communication systems installed at the residences of the foreigners have been inactivated.   The government would not allow the United Nations or any other international body to conduct a probe in Pakistan”, he added.

Malik said that during his upcoming visit, he would raise the issue of Dr Aafia Siddiqi on priority basis.

He said that New Delhi would be consulted if the Pakistani Hindu devotees staying in India didn’t return in stipulated time.

The interior minister commenting over the Dr Shakeel Afridi interview with Fox News said that the published interview seems to be vague as the accused was in jail and how could foreign media approach him while being in prison.

Replying to a query, the minister said that he denounces the anti-Islam film and no one will be allowed to commit blasphemy.

He further said that he has directed the authorities in the provinces to ensure safety measures in the factories to avoid any untoward incident in the future.