The security design providers beat the Wall Street estimates by miles

Analogic’s shares were up 10 percent in the afterhours trading on Thursday after the announcement of the report on fourth fiscal quarter. The company beat the Wall Street estimates by a mile and investors were pleased with the performance.

Analogic reported sales of $151 Million in the fourth quarter that ended on July 31. That was up 12 percent from the year-ago period and way more than $140 Million that analysts at the Street had expected.

The earnings per share were also mesmerizing to the investors. With the EPS of 96 cents a pop, ex items, the company left the analysts-estimated 71 cents in the rear-view mirror. It was a whopping 113 percent more the year-earlier fourth quarter.

“These improvements in our business are the result of our new innovative products, expanded direct sales force and improved worldwide operational efficiencies,” CEO Jim Green said the company’s earnings release.

Analogic provides medical services to the health management organizations and hospitals. The innovation and increase in sales force has surely helped the company drive the demand in the poor economy overall.

Moreover, the company also provides security design services to the aviation industry. The same has totted the value of its services in the aching financial conditions in the US and Europe specifically.

In addition to the earnings per share, the company also announced dividend of 10 cents per share to be shelled out to the common stock holders.

The  end of day on Thursday recorded Analogic’s share price at $69.19.