Apple announced the new iPhone on Wednesday and though the phone was a marvel in its own right, the audience kept mum for better part of the presentation. Even the new colourful iPod line-up could not get them to their toes. The reason: All thing iPhone and iPod were already out before the official launch.

Some website even had even listed the products that the company was going to announce on the midweek. There was no iPad Mini as predicted by some bloggers because the word got out, and it was not only the events but some snoopers even got to titbits of the devices as well. Smaller dock, 4-inch screen, 4G LTE, five rows of icons, Apple Maps and in-cell display all were out on the web.

That really stole the thunder from the company. The oomph was lost when Phil Schiller said the magic word iPhone 5 or iPod Nano with a multi-touch screen and a home button.

The main reason behind the sloppy security on spec-leaks might be that Apple has now become the centre of attention among tech bloggers and news papers. Everybody wants a piece of the iPhone to attract or sustain its audience.

Another reason is the expansion in the workforce and increasing list of vendors. There is no doubt that someone might have spilled the beans inadvertently but the expanding business has its drawbacks.

Tim Cook said in a statement in the summers to All Things D that Apple plans to double down on security. Considering the current situation and lack of applause from audience in their chairs—typing on their tablets and laptops and not looking up—he might have to quadruple the security.

“Even with the iPad Mini, people seem to know the details already,” said Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu. Apple is expected to announce a smaller-screen tablet next month.

By the way, the smaller iPad is expected to be launched next month. We will update on the specific date when it is LEAKED.