The uncrowned queen of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif, is certainly having a high time in the industry right now. Her phenomenal rise to super-stardom has left everyone flabbergasted. The actress, who started her career a decade ago with a controversial film ‘Boom’, is now considered as one of the top B’town heroines.

The 28-year-old British-born beauty recently got candid with TOI and while speaking on her inclusion she insisted that she is happy with her life at this point in time.

She said, “Now I do have a sense of security. There is an inner sense of calmness. I am comfortable in my world. I am self-sufficient. I am in Mumbai since I was 18 and that’s the longest I have stayed in a city. Now I have a home here and I have work. So, in that sense I feel rooted.”

Kat believes without destiny or luck no one can reach a certain level of success.

She said, “For all that I have achieved, I would give 33 % each to hard work, passion and destiny.”

She added, “In that sense, I have credited all these three elements. I always feel one could be very hard-working but if destiny/luck doesn’t give him/her that edge then it’s difficult to get success.”

Many out there feel her ex-flame Salman Khan is the main reason behind her successful career. The actress has always been linked with Khan even though she is not in a relationship with him anymore.

However, when asked Katrina, she said now she doesn’t get bothered with the noises around her.

“I don’t get bothered about all the talk about personal life. In the beginning, it used to bother me. But not now. I concentrate on my work and let the negativity keep away from me,” she said with a touch of firmness in her voice.

Katrina Kaif will now be seen with Shah Rukh Khan in ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and after it she will appear with Aamir Khan in ‘Dhoom 3: Back in Action’.


  1. True that luck, destiny play crucial role in forming somebody’s fate, success and future, yet almost all the heroines in Bollywood ( from yesterdays) have been promoted by their own private powerful gods. Salman also explained the role of gods in heroines’ career in a recent interview. the private god would ensure that his ‘Baby’ gets the movies.

    In a way a catalyst is required. The god usually does the favour out of some considerations and love. ‘Ismey na koi burrayi hai , na koi harz’. Na koi shikwaa karey, na koi geela . ‘ Sethji, merey ladki pey taraas kijiyee..’ was an often heard sentence in Bollywood. Salman pulled the necessary strings in Katrina’s career. Hence, the audiences got the dazzling sizzling rocking seductive uncrowned queen , Pari Rani Katrina K